wholesale bananas suppliers


wholesale bananas suppliers

Fresh Cavendish Bananas; A fresh Cavendish banana is the fruit of a banana cultivar belonging to the AAA cultivar group’s Cavendish subgroup. The same name is used to refer to the plants that bananas grow on.

FRESH CAVENDISH BANANAS HEALTH BENEFITS Fresh bananas are abundant in potassium and vitamin B-6 and are a good source of fiber.

Tropical and Sub-Tropical Products Fruit\sStyle:Fresh
Variety:Common Banana
Common Cultivation Type
Green and yellow are the primary colors.
Maturity ranges from 90 to 100 percent.
Weight (kg) 13 Certification:Global G.A.P Grade:A
Cavendish/FB4 is the model number.
Details of packaging:Carton box Storage:Natural
Shape:Long; Quality:100% Natural; Shape:Long; Quality:100% Natural; Shape:L

Bananas include roughly 74% water, 23% carbohydrate, 1% protein, and 0.5 percent fat. Vitamin B6, potassium, and fiber are all found in a 4-ounce banana without the peel.

Ripe fruits can be pulped and pureed for use in ice cream, yogurt, cake, bread, nectar, and infant food, among other things. Bananas can be dried and eaten, or sliced and bottled with syrup for use in baked goods, fruit salads, and toppings. Bananas that are still green (unripe) can be cut and fried as chips. Green fruits can be dried and crushed into flour as well. Fermented ripe bananas can be used to make vinegar and alcoholic beverages.

We’d like to introduce our brand new fresh banana, which meets the following criteria:

Bananas are available in the following varieties:

Elejido Cavendish

Sizes range from 18 to 23 centimeters.

Green in color

Hungary is the country of origin.

Big Hands (4/5/6 Hands) Specifications
1. Calibration: 39 – 47 minimum – maximum
2. Finger Length: 7.5 inches minimum
3. Number of fingers in a hand: 12
4. Age: Minimum of 9 weeks, maximum of 12 weeks
5. Per Hand Weight:
Minimum 3.50 – Maximum 5.50 kgs for 4-Hands.
Minimum 2.50 – Maximum 3.50 kgs for 5-Hands.
6-Hands: 2.25 – 2.50 kg


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