soybean oil distributors

soybean oil distributors

Soybean Oil, Refined

AGP produces refined soybean oil for use in salad oil packaging and the production of margarines, mayonnaise, shortenings, cooking oils, potato chips, and other culinary goods by food producers.

Refined Soybean Oil with a High Oleic Content

To address the expanding demand for high oleic oil, AGP processes Plenish® high oleic soybeans and refines the oil at our refinery in Hastings, Nebraska.

The ecosystem is harmed by the emission of refined soybean oil wastewater (RSOW) with a high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and oil content. Using oleaginous yeasts to convert RSOW to lipids could be a useful strategy to turn this waste into useable products.

Soybean oil is extracted or pressed from genetically engineered soybeans (seeds of Leguminose Glycine max. L.) and then refined. The oil is made with processes and ingredients that provide a maximum of 0.3 percent brassicasterol content in the sterol fraction of the oil.

Clear pale yellow liquid that is almost insoluble in ethanol (96%) yet mixable with petroleum ether (distillation range 50-70 °C).

The soybeans are dried, washed, peeled, crushed, and heated after harvesting. The oil is removed from the beans in the next stage, which can be done by pressing or (solvent) extraction. Our soybean oil is then refined carefully in the next phase.



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