Soybean Meal For Sale


Soybean Meal For Sale

Our knowledge of soybean meal commodities necessitates a closer relationship with our clients’ products. This is taking the time to learn about those items and using our comprehensive knowledge of the soybean industry — its benefits and distribution network — to work for our clients’ best interests.

Soybean Meal is a meal made from soybeans.
Soybean meal is the most frequent protein supplement in dairy rations, and it serves as a benchmark for evaluating the usefulness of other protein supplements. Solvent extracted (44 percent CP, as-fed basis) and dehulled, solvent extracted SBM are the most popular types (48 percent CP, as-fed basis). Soybean meal is highly palatable and has a high concentration of essential amino acids (about 45 percent of total amino acids), but ruminal microbes destroy a considerable amount of the protein. Methionine is more limiting in SBM than lysine in terms of essential amino acid balance Soybean Meal For Sale.


89 percent dry matter 0.5 percent average crude fat 47.5 percent minimum crude protein Crude Fiber Minimum: 03.3 percent 12.5 percent maximum moisture 07.1 percent Neutral Detergent Fiber Maximum Acid Detergent Fiber Average: 05.3 percent 1.5 percent average ash 00.2 percent calcium maximum Phosphorus content on average is 0.65%. 78.0 percent of total digestible nutrients 0.5 percent average anticaking agent Average Net Energy-Lactation: 81.1 Meal/100 lbs. Maximum Net Energy-Lactation: 81.1 Meal/100 lbs.
Mold, chemicals, pests, and insects are not present.

One of our advantages is that it is high in protein.
2.promote health and growth in a timely manner
3.improve poultry nutrition 4.soft powder with nice texture


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