rbd vegetable oil


rbd vegetable oil

RBD palm oil and RBD palm olein are two types of palm oil products. Palm oil that has been refined, bleached, and deodorized is known as RBD palm oil. Physical refining is used in most palm oil refineries, and it consists of three steps: refining, bleaching (decolorization), and deodorization. As a result, RBD palm oil is a product of a palm oil refinery plant that may be sold on the market and meets the required standards. After further processing RBD palm oil at a palm oil fractionation plant, RBD palm olein is obtained. At the same temperature, they could be in distinct states.

At 20°C, RBD palm oil is semi-solid, as shown in the image above. As a result, the palm oil fractionation plant is used to separate the liquid and solid parts of palm oil. RBD palm olein is the liquid part of palm oil, while RBD palm sterin is the solid part.

RBD Palm Olein refers to Refined, Bleached, and Dried (or RBD) palm oil, which is derived by crushing the fruit of the oil palm tree. RBD Palm Olein is largely produced in Indonesia, and the edible product is utilized as a cooking oil in a variety of nations.

Palmolein, the liquid, more unsaturated fraction isolated from palm oil following crystallization by winterization at a regulated temperature, is made from palm oil imported from Malasia and Indonesia. The olein is made up of a more uniform blend of triglycerides and has properties and applications that are distinct from palm oil.


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