About Us

Vision & Mission

We want to be KoRo the No. 1 long-term Wholesaler on the European market – directly from the producer to the consumer.

Our story begins with one person, Professor Faltin, and his book “Kopf schlägt Kapital”, translated into English “Brain versus Capital”. The professor did not just inspire us, we truly see him as the founding father of our company. His ideas and concepts on business creation have been instrumental in the foundation of KoRo. We met him for the first time a short time ago and asked him a few questions in an interview.

Smart solutions for your lifestyle

You wonder why food is squeezed into tiny packages? Why a labyrinth of trade levels separates you from the origin of your nutrients? And why good quality and fair prices seem to be incompatible? We ask ourselves the same questions. That is why we are rethinking trade. That is our story.


Fair prices are not enough for us - the quality of our products is at least as important. That's why we are IFS and organic certified and always strive to offer you the best quality at good prices.

Short Trade Routes

We have no desire for complicated and obscure supply chains. That's why we bring you closer to your favourite foods: step by step towards the origin.

Bulk Packaging

We think that small package sizes are not the best solution for durable products. That's why we largely rely on efficient large packs.

Fair Prices

We want fair prices for everyone - for you, for producers and for us. That's the only way sustainable business works.


The world is already opaque and complicated enough. That's why we focus on radical transparency in our relationship and communication with you.