Should I install Windows 11 on my PC? Yes, but proceed with caution

Starting with the Start Menu, in Windows 11, it is a bit more simplistic. You only see a static list of apps, followed by your most frequented documents on the bottom. That might sound familiar, but it is important to note that Windows 11 drops out support for Live Tiles.

  • The first important step is to make sure the laptop / desktop has a Bluetooth module.
  • The ARM version of Windows 10 allows running applications for x86 processors through 32-bit software emulation.
  • Screenshots can be used for many different purposes, and creating a still image of a Mac or PC’s screen is a straightforward process that takes only a few seconds.
  • You can also enter systemreset -factoryreset on the run tool or the command prompt to reset your Windows.

Select the “Open System Restore” option from the Advanced recovery tools options. You should try restoring your computer to an earlier point when a recent change, such as an application install or driver update, resulted in unexpected behavior or reduced performance. Resetting, refreshing, or restoring Windows 10 can help improve performance issues.

Capturing your screen on macOS

The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use. Simplify code to cloud application development by closely integrating with Azure Container Instances . You get the same workflow in Docker Desktop and the Docker CLI with all the container compute you want. Install Docker Desktop – the fastest way to containerize applications.

If you’re using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, clickSettings, and then clickChange PC settings. He’s been writing how-to guides for about 6 years now and has covered many topics. He loves to cover topics related to Windows, Android, and the latest tricks and tips.

Using Windows Installation Media To Reset Or Reinstall Windows

Snagit also includes advanced tools like video and scrolling window screenshot tools. It offers handy image-editing and drawing tools, including brightness, arrows, text overlay, and borders. A Snagit license will set you back $62.99, but for those who need its advanced functionality, it’s worth the money.

1) Press SHIFT + F10 when you see the screenshot below to open a command prompt. If prompted, click/tap on the Windows 10 installation that you want to reset. Click/tap on Cloud download or Local reinstall for how you would like to reinstall Windows 10.

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